Founder,  Allen Cox and wife, Mirja 

No more "clown" and I might look younger                  

It was while living on Maui that he shaved his head for the first time. At 66, he hated that little gray fringe around the sides and back of his head—what he called his "Krusty the Clown" look. He asked his wife what she thought he would look like if he shaved off what remained of his hair. She replied that he "might look younger." Those were the magic words. He shaved off all of his hair that night. He loved it and has been shaving his head ever since. It took his wife a little longer.

By simply shaving my head, I learned an important lesson

“My wife nailed it. I did feel younger. That stupid little gray fringe thing is the hair style that we associate with old men. By getting rid of that, it immediately boosted my self-confidence and made me feel younger. Instead of being embarrassed about my vanishing fringe of hair, I was now proud of my well-shaped bald head. It was transformative.”

Ask a woman. She’ll tell you 

Women get it. Mention bald heads and they envision sexy actors like Bruce Willis, Jason Statham and Stanley Tucci. Yul Brynner? In a class of his own. There are many reasons why women love to watch the NBA games, and it’s not just about chasing a ball up and down a court. Admit it gals—it’s those really hot NBA players—including those with gorgeous bald heads--Kareem, Shaq and Michael.  

Allen Cox graduated from San Jose State, and has worked in sales for most of his life.. He’s sold pizza franchises and timeshares in Maui. He has a realtor’s license and spent many years selling commercial real estate in California and Oregon 

 Bold-Look was established on Maui in 2008, and opened the online store in 2009. We relocated to California in 2011. We ship to most countries--there are, after all, bald men all over the world. And the women who love the 

A final note: Look for more designs in upcoming collections

The BOLD-Look! online shop features fun, original graphic designs and messaging printed on quality apparel. Our shirts and hats are the perfect gifts for bald friends, husbands, fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sons, uncles and cousins. Our apparel makes a perfect gift for those who have everything except hair! 

Our promise to you, as a member of the BOLD worldwide community, is to continue to expand our apparel lines. Look for more unique designs in upcoming collections.

Contact information 

email:  boldshirts@bold-look.com